12 Steps to Luck: Real Casino Game Knowledge

Get ready
I don’t think that real knowledge of casino games can damage a player’s psyche.


In reality, can a player win in a given day, on a trip or over a longer period of time? Of course. If a casino player doesn’t win anything at any time, they won’t play. That would be crazy. We’ve won time and time again, and sometimes we’ve had great games. Sometimes we have a long winning streak.

Well, the fact that we can and have won at the Casino fuels our fantasy. Would we continue to play if we never won blackjack, rolled craps, roulette numbers or if the machine paid us some money at some time or other? Probably not.

In a casino, someone has to win.

To put it simply. Take a roulette game for example. We will use the US version with 0 and 00 on the wheel.

There are 38 balls that can fall into the pockets, 1-36 and 0 and 00, and one pocket can catch the ball. The pocket number becomes the winner.

A player has a 1 in 38 chance of winning any bet he makes directly on any number. The winning player will receive a 35 to 1 prize. 10 winning bets pay $350. Not bad, huh?

Now look at this: the player can guarantee that he or she will win every spin of the wheel. Just bet on all 38 numbers. One of them is sure to come up, right? The border? It has to appear. If the player decides to bet in this way, then every spin is a win. Remember, it’s a guaranteed win! Hooray for the winning player! That player is a genius at betting on all numbers.

Oops, wait a minute – this is also a guaranteed loss; it means that every spin is a painful defeat. It’s a win and a loss. How is this possible? Positive and negative at the same time.

Yes, you won $350 on a $10 bet. That’s great. But you lost on all the other numbers (brace yourself). So, you won one bet and lost 37. You won $350 but lost $370. Oops!

Yes, the casino pays the winner and takes all the rest of the bets. You won some money, but you lost more.

That’s a fact. Disturbing? Maybe. But it’s still a fact, and you can’t simply ignore it because it ruins your illusion of a big score.

Dice games also shorten the time it takes for a player to win. While bets placed through the line will pay the same amount of money, the casino will win more bets. The rest? The Casino will take out the winnings before paying the player. A bet that should pay 35 to 1 will only pay 30 to 1.

This is the world where players are rewarded.

The Casino betting system is great, but ......

Some of the greatest mathematicians (and perhaps neighbours down the street) have bet on these games and they have all come to the same conclusion: in the long run, casino games are unbeatable.

[Note: the game can be beaten by changing the nature of your role as a player. A small percentage of card counters can beat blackjack. They know the cards that have been played and know that they will not reappear until after the cards have been shuffled.

There are other games where the player can change the nature or how he or she bets. If the shooter has some control over the dice, he or she can defeat the roll. Can many players change the nature of the game? Not really. Winnable games are not based solely on the randomness of the casino’s selection principles, as players have found a way to beat them.

Obviously, the casino wants to play these games because they want to play them, and the player has no advantage. We can understand this. We don’t like it, but we do understand the attitude.]

Twelve Steps to Luck

1.Know exactly how the casino gets an edge on every game you play and every bet you make on those games. If another player gives you advice, you will know exactly what that player understands and where he or she is going wrong. The casinos get an edge in one of two ways. They shorten the payout (as I have shown in the roulette example above) or they actually win more decisions in the game. Many games, such as dice, are a combination of both.

2.Only bet on specific games where the house has a low edge. If you bet Fire Bet on a roll of the dice and the house has a 20-25% edge, you are simply handing the money to the house. Bet on a roll of the dice where the house edge is less than 2%. These are the best bets. Many of the new games have advantages well over the 2% mark. Due to their speed of play, you may wish to avoid such games. Some of these new games want you to make more than one bet.

3.The speed of the game is something to be aware of. Faster games mean that the player has to make more decisions. The more decisions you make, the better for the casino. Mini Baccarat has a low casino edge on both the banker and looser bets (the third bet is terrible), but the speed of the game is overwhelming. Even more decisions on the small side can really slash a player’s money. Watch the speed of the game.

4.You should know when to stop playing. Taking a break is not a sign of weakness. In fact, playing when you’re tired or a little high is probably the biggest sign of weakness. When you’re gambling, you want your full capacity to be on alert. You work hard for that money. If you like to drink, do so at your own pace after the game. Drinks can wait, can’t they? Playing and drinking are not always a good combination.

5.Play within your real money. Over-betting is a money killer. The casino owner is not really impressed with your bets. The casino wants you to bet a lot, so you may lose a lot. Keep it in your head.

6.You could be a little roller. So what? Don’t envy the players who can place big bets. Think about it; these players could lose a lot of money – and they certainly will. High rollers have to spend a fortune to get the special treatment at the casino. Once those big bettors stop being penny pinchers, you know what happens to them, don’t you?

7.Set up a separate bank account for your gaming money. Don’t use your family’s money. Think of your betting account as 401G (the “G” stands for bet). It may take a while to save enough money to play without worrying about losing it. Let it be. Rome may not be built in a day, and decent money usually takes time to build.

8.The prize money is not a reward given to you by the casino, because you are a great person, a noble person, and deserve a whole lot of free stuff. We may think of ourselves in this way, but it is doubtful that many other people in the world think of themselves in this way. When you play casino games, you have your own price tag; it’s so simple. This price tag has nothing to do with your personality.

9.Comps are just feedback based on how much you’ll lose over time in terms of casino numbers. This is not their view of your value as a person. They call your potential loss a “theoretical loss”. It’s basically this formula (but in real computer talk): Mr Thomas will lose about “X” amount of money, so we’ll give him a few dollars for his efforts. Almost anyone who bets in the casino and hands over a player’s card will be compensated in some way. Therefore, never enter tournaments as they are meaningless in the grand scheme of things. Take whatever compensation the casino gives you, fine, but don’t play to get it. The casino evaluates your potential losses; it does not evaluate your character.

10.Beware of friends who make betting a part of their lives. You should have other interests. When you go to the casino, spend some time watching a show or sporting event. Go for a walk and get some exercise. Enjoy everything you can. The whole experience is worth more than just one aspect of it. Betting is fun, yes, but so are the many other things that Casino has to offer. Enjoy those things too. Don’t limit yourself.

11.Never describe yourself as a ‘gambler‘. It’s a negative word. It is a word that belittles you. It doesn’t add anything. You are a player who enjoys the casino. Period. Everyone wants to play; at least when they’re kids. So, you play. There’s nothing to be ashamed of. Remember, think of yourself as a player. And that’s it; not a bad thing at all.

12.Please note that all games have winning streaks and these don’t last indefinitely. You may be playing a slot machine with a big payout, and then it goes cold. It starts emptying your wallet. Don’t chase your losses. Having a bad session when that machine starts to hit you? Stop for a while and do something else. Make time for a holiday. You can play later. The older you get, the sooner those late hours will come.

Good luck in and out of the OKBET Online Casino!!!!

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