BETVISA 1288P bonus cash

⏰ BETVISA 1288P bonus cash⏰

Hello! BETVISA Welcome New Members🙌🙌🙌

BETVISA is Newest & Hottest Online Casino, and all BETVISA Agents can get a 1288P bonus cash.

Free 100P 

Want to play your favorite games with your Mobile/PC in BETVISA ?

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🧧Contact to CS

💰Get Your Huge Welcome B Now!


👉This Event is for new BETVISA registered members Only.

Can not withdraw!

This is a FREE TRIAL ONLY you cant withdraw from this PROMO

📣Event Rules

  1. First, you need to create your account
  1. Secondly contact to CS and apply free chips to play

🎈50% BONUS🎈

⭐1. Create an account in BETVISA and double-check all of your information.

⭐2. When you make your FIRST CASH IN, you will receive a 50% bonus.

⭐3. A minimum of ₱100.00 and a maximum of ₱1,000.00

⭐4. Required Valid Turnover: 15x



Transfer Amount=200Php


Turnover Requirement=(200php+100php)x15=4500

Conditions of Use🔔

  1. Only the first cash in is eligible for this BETVISA promotion.
  1. This bonus is considered betting points. To withdraw, players must meet the validated turnover requirements.
  1. This bonus applies to all BETVISA betting platforms.
  1. This BETVISA promotion cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotional offer.
  1. To avoid misunderstandings about our BETVISA promotion description, do not hesitate to contact our customer service.
  1. Please do not place bets before applying for the first deposit offer; otherwise, our company is not responsible.
  1. The real name of the game account must be registered by the user and must be the same as the user’s ID card and bank (GCASH) account. If not, BETVISA will not be able to process your withdrawal.


🚫Wag munang Maglalaro hanggat hindi pa nakakapag Deposit at Apply sa First Deposit Bonus, ikaw ay ma Disqualified.

🎰 Agent hunts Agents🎰

💢 High Commission up to 50%

💥 BETVISA want you now! 💥

BETVISA is an online gaming company legally registered in the Philippines.

We are looking for Online Casino Master Agents!!

💡What is the Agents job?

Agents are responsible for inviting players to play BETVISA through his Referral link. Agents will get commission share profit every week. There is no fixed salary, you can only earn through your players’ net loss.


Agent introduction Agent all start from 50%

Contact to BETVISA CS and System will confirm the person you introduced Net Deposit Loss Amount

After check Introducer will get the 1288P cash bonus!!



*If you do not apply, it will be regarded as forfeited*


Recruit other casino agents!!

In BETVISA , our commission rate up to 50%!

Your profit comes mainly from your invited players’ losses, and also calculated based on your players’ total winnings and losses over the week.

As long as your friends sign up in BETVISA with your exclusive promotional link, they’ll become your BETVISA members.

Our commission is settled weekly, and the calculation time is from Monday 00:00:00 to Sunday 23:59:59

For Example: 50% Commission

Player A: Wins 900

Player B: Lose -1200

promotion fees: 200


Total 1200-900-200=100

Commission: 100*0.5 = 50

50 is your Commission / Profit


If the player wins this week, the next week’s commission will be deducted

To be our BETVISA agent.

Get great passive income.

Commission Up to 50% !

🎲Want to know more about?

Click the Link & Contact us now !


Please check the BETVISA Agent backend results every Monday after 4:00pm. After the relevant review is completed, the commission will be allocated to the GCASH provided by the agent, and all processes will be completed by Wednesday at the latest.

BETVISA reserves the rights to alter, amend or terminate this Promotion, or any aspect of it, at any time without prior notice.


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Not if you’re playing at a legit, safe online casino. Always be sure to check the licenses of a casino. Also, when selecting a table to play at, look up the software provider that made it. Both providers and operators have to be fully licensed to legally offer their services.

Live roulette wheels are structured to always give the house advantage. As such, you are always more likely to lose than to win while playing roulette. However, you can still minimize risks by employing proper live roulette strategies. Examples include betting systems, careful money management, and knowing which live dealer roulette to play.

Now more and more real-life casinos have launched many free real-life casino games in order to attract more players. You don’t need to spend any money to learn how to bet in the game, but you can’t receive game rewards.

There are many software vendors for online live casinos. Many popular large software vendors cooperate with casinos to launch free live casino games, and many online casinos launch promotions that cooperate with live dealers. Can help you have more betting opportunities.

If the game has a regular 5% commission on Banker bets, Banker bets are the best option and have the lowest house edge. In No Commission baccarat, the Player bet is slightly better. In both cases, however, the difference between the two is quite small. Whichever the version, however, always stay away from the Tie bet.

Live baccarat is a type of online live dearer casino game, so the answer depends on the exact title. Generally, if the game is made by a respectable software provider and offered on a safe online casino, it’s legit. 

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