How to win big money with Blackjack

Blackjack formula, the secret to winning is open to the public

Blackjack is known as Black Jack in foreign countries, at the beginning will be divided into two hands mainly depending on the size of the hand and the dealer to PK, the closer to 21 points the bigger, but more than 21 points is the explosion “boom” means that directly lost, in the game of blackjack may only get two cards up to 5 cards, do not exceed 21 points will not lose, in the casino is also called this is the most fair chance It is also known in casinos as the game with the fairest odds.


Blackjack Winning Formula

The BlackJack game is a game with almost 5:5 odds compared to other games, which is why it is always a favourite.

This is also one of the reasons why many people go to play without recommendation. In this game, blackjack is the biggest point, and the ace has a more unusual footing so you can freely choose between the number 1 or 11 with the type of cards.

Blackjack profit calculation method

The simplified Kelly formula is as follows: Win % – ((1 – Win %) / (how much money you win / how much money you lose)) = betting percentage. Let’s take a simple example of losing a coin heads or tails, there is a 1/2 chance of winning and assuming odds of 1:2, what is the best betting ratio?

The best betting ratio is 25% according to the formula below, that is, if you have a capital of $1,000, each bet is $250, which is the best betting ratio for guessing the coins.

Blackjack Winning Tips

Although blackjack can be played by understanding the rules and relying on your luck, there are some strategies that you need to learn if you want to improve your odds.

Find a way to get the dealer out: If the dealer’s open card shows 4/5/6 or greater, the player doesn’t need to rush to make up for it and can wait to see if the dealer explodes as a result.
Hard hand: If after two cards have been dealt, you are close to 21 points, do not rush to make up the difference, even if the dealer’s open card has a large number of points.
Splitting: If you get an ace and an eight, split it, but never split it if you get a 4/5/6/10. The reason is that a single Ace is a very strong card, so if you have two Aces you can split them and have a chance to make up two 21s. If you have two 6’s, you have a chance of getting a high score, so it is not recommended.

how to get big wins with Blackjack

How to play Blackjack

At the beginning each player is dealt a covered concealed card and the player looks at it before placing a bet. The dealer then deals an open card that has been lifted. If the player’s two cards have a total of 21 points, he must immediately lift the bottom card. The dealer pays the player double the bet.

If the dealer starts with two cards with a total of 21, everyone pays him double the bet, except for the player who starts with two cards with a total of 21, who also pays double the bet.

When all players have a concealed card and an open card in each hand, the dealer then asks the players one by one in a clockwise direction if they want to add any more cards, and the players can decide whether or not to add a card based on their own points and the dealer’s open card points.


There are several reasons why blackjack is so popular. It is a lot of fun for one thing, and as we’ve already mentioned it is an easy game to learn. Perhaps the biggest reason is the fact that it has one of the lowest house edges of all casino games.

A small mathematical advantage for the casino means you have a good chance of winning some money whenever you sit down to play. You are still expected to lose in the long run, but at a slower rate.

Many casino games have a fixed house edge, but that is not the case with blackjack. There are several variants, all with slightly different rules, and the house edge varies depending on which you are playing.

The simple answer to this is no. There is definitely a significant amount of luck involved, as the results will always depend on the cards dealt to some extent. This is something that no one can influence, at least not without cheating.

However, the results in blackjack are also directly related to how you play. You can reduce the overall effect of luck by making the correct decisions in every hand. Luck will still play a part, but your actions will have a big impact on your expected returns.

Basic blackjack strategy is essentially about making correct mathematical decisions. There is no need to actually do any math yourself, though, as the correct decisions have all been worked out and turned into a set of rules. These rules effectively tell you what to do based on the information available to you – which is the cards in your hand and the dealer’s up card.

The rules work because there are a fixed number of cards in the deck, and therefore a finite number of possible combinations that can be dealt. It is possible to mathematically determine which decision gives you the best chance of winning a hand in any given situation.

The odds are still against you in the long run, because of the house edge, but if you apply basic strategy, you will keep the casino’s advantage to a minimum.

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