Fish Game tips and principles, How to win in OKBET fish game?

Fish Game, before we start this topic, we need to understand the principle of fish game, to know how the game works so that we can find out the key to victory in OKBET Online Casino!


Principle of Fish Game

There are two ways in which slots games can be guaranteed the casino a sure win.

-The first one is the commission/tax, which is the amount of points a player loses, the platform must charge a handling fee, this is called the commission/tax.
-Another one is controlled by the coin inventory. Suppose a machine has an initial inventory of 1 million points.
If player A wins 500,000 points, the machine’s inventory will become 500,000 points and it will be very difficult for you to win.

Suppose player B loses another 2 million, the machine’s inventory becomes 100-50 + 200 which equals 2.5 million.

At this point you have a chance to win the money that Player B has lost into your hand. The problem is that there are usually lots of people playing on a machine, which means that it’s not the machine’s money you’re winning, but the money of the person next to you, so you’ll have to watch what the person next to you is winning or losing at this point. If a person has won a lot of money, it is advisable to take a break.

First of all, you should calm down and observe for a period of time to see how many points you can score by sending in how many points, and then consider what cannon to use.

How to determine the cycle of a fish game.

So there are three cycles of fishing, the paying cycle, the bonus cycle, and the off cycle.

-The paying period is when you can’t hit anything
-The off period is when you will maintain the balance at the point of no win, no loss
-The bonus period is when you can hit the fish no matter how you hit it.
The most important thing is to observe and test with some small guns and then wait patiently. If you suddenly find that the fish are better, you can consider adding more guns slowly, and it is getting easier and easier, you should use your biggest gun and get all bonus you can get until it gets harder to hit fish.

If you use the same frequency of guns to hit the fish, you are bound to lose. So you have to get a sense of rhythm and resist greed. If you win a certain amount of money, you have to lay off and leave. I’m sure many people understand this, but when it comes to the real thing, it’s hard to stay that in mind.

The mindset of playing fish game

“In fact, no matter what you do, it is very important to keep your wits about you.”

At this point all the skills I have talked about above come to nothing because your mind has been taken over by the demons of gambling. At this point you will have lost all your money.

The truth is that fishing machines are a form of entertainment and should not be used as a tool to win money. There’s no sure-fire way to win.

Fish Game tips and principles How to win in OKBET fish game 1

The boom in fish game

Fish game have been a very popular game in recent years and have been popular for almost eight years. It is not a fish game at first, it is a game of goldfish fishing that has been passed down from Japan.

It became what it is today because a lot of engineers saw the money it was attracting and reshaped the game to become what it is today.

The game became the shark fishing machine it is today, and it became an instant hit, spreading to all sorts of different areas, from online PC games to mobile games, and even Online casinos have their own fish games.

1. Origin

Originally introduced to China from Japan as a game of fishing with nets like those used in night markets, engineers have turned it into a game where you can use cannons to attack schools of fish for a corresponding reward, making the experience even more exciting!

2. Easy to understand

It is because of the simplicity of the game that it has become so popular among the various consumer groups, and because the graphics of the fish game are so easy to understand that it can easily cross the language barrier and become popular all over the world. With the current flow of information and internet access, fish game will become even more popular.

3. Competitors

From the point of view of fairness, fish games are controlled by chance and difficulty and are not really a completely fair game of entertainment. If you really indulge in this game, you will definitely end up spending a lot of money on fish games, not to mention the gamblers who play it as a game of chance, and they will only sink deeper and deeper into the mire and eventually end up with nothing. The only way to get a better and simpler gaming experience for players and users has always been the existence of single machines, and this is the biggest competitor of fish games.

So what is the “cycle” of a fish game? It is not always possible for a machine to be in a state where you can get a big fish at all times, so there are so-called “paying periods” and “bonus periods”, while some are subdivided into “off periods”. The following is an introduction to each cycle.

paying periods

Don’t be fooled, because it’s not you who will eat the points, it’s the machine that will eat your points! During this period, there will be fish swimming through, but they are not easy to hit. Don’t try to make a big catch, just stay put, watch carefully and use the cheap gun to catch the small fish that are good to hit and wait for the staging to appear.

bonus periods

Once the machine has scored a certain number of points, it will start to make its move. This is the time to show off your skills, as there are many fish and they are easy to catch, and even some hard to catch fish can be solved with two or three shots. When does the staging come out? The machine won’t tell you, so you’ll have to use your own observation. When you find that the fish are getting better and better, it’s likely that you’ve entered the emergence period.

off periods

The off period is a time when no one loses and the machine will keep you in a no-lose or no-win situation. However, the fun of a fishing machine is the feeling of disappointment when you don’t catch a fish and the feeling of achievement when you do, so the leisure period is less talked about.

Once you have a basic understanding of the principles and concepts of each cycle of the fishing machine, the most important thing is to experience it in practice.

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