Football Rules: 2022 Anda World Cup Football Tournament

The most anticipated international tournament in 2022 is the World Cup in Anda, and I’m sure veteran fans have been looking forward to it for a long time,
But with a tournament that only happens once every four years, many newcomers are not familiar with the rules of football, right? The terminology like corner kicks, penalty kicks, 12 yards and so on, or the terminology of yellow cards and red cards in football, makes it difficult for people to understand and what kinds of football fouls there are,
Today okbet will slowly explain the World Cup football rules, so that you can understand more about the World Cup.


Football Rules

First of all, let’s understand that football is a team sport and the aim of the game is to score a goal by shooting the ball into the opponent’s goal.

Number of players in a football match

The standard football match is played with 11 players from each team, including 10 players and a goalkeeper, with 3 to 42 players on the bench waiting to be replaced, but it is important to note that only 3 substitutions are allowed per match and the player who is replaced cannot play again,
However, if too many players are sent off due to injury or red cards.
and the number of players on the pitch is less than 7, the match will be declared a 3-0 loss.

France national football team 2018

World Cup Soccer Match

How many minutes does a World Cup football match take?
Football matches are played in the same way as basketball matches, with each half lasting 45 minutes.
At the end of the first half there is a half-time break of no more than 15 minutes, so the whole match is 105 minutes plus injury time.
When the score is tied at the end of a regular match, there will be a 30-minute extension of the match, which will be divided into two halves, but there will be no half-time break.
Some newcomers may ask: “If a football match is played to the end of an extended period and there is no way to determine the winner, what will be the method of determining the winner?”
When this happens, the game will go into a PK match, also known as a 12-yard PK.

Goalkeeper rules

The goalkeeper, also known as the goalkeeper, is the only player in the game who can touch the ball with his hands, but only within his own penalty area.
If a player of the same team uses his feet to pass the ball to the goalkeeper, the goalkeeper is not allowed to touch the ball with his hands, otherwise he will also be penalised for indirectly receiving the ball. Interestingly, the goalkeeper is not restricted to the goal, but can also come off the field and play together, although this is rare.

World Cup football pitch configuration

-Football pitch: 100 to 110 metres long (110 to 120 yards) and 64 to 75 metres wide (70 to 80 yards).
-Centre circle: the players of the team not taking the kick-off must be outside the centre circle at the kick-off.
-Centre line: the half of the field that divides the field into two teams, substitutes must enter the field from the centre line if they wish to play.
-Sideline: When the ball is kicked out of play by Team A, a player from Team B takes the ball in from the sideline.
-Penalty: When a player has been seriously fouled and the referee awards a penalty kick, the shot is taken from this position.
-goal area: Also known as the penalty area, a goal is scored when the shot has crossed the goal line underneath the goal.
-The goalkeeper can use his hands to control the ball in this area, but if the defence commits a foul in the area, there is a high probability that a penalty kick will be awarded to the attacking team.
-Corner: A circular area of one metre in radius where the touchline of a football pitch meets the baseline.

football court


There are usually four referees in a formal football match such as the World Cup:

-The main referee is the one who blows the whistle and is the most powerful person in the field, deciding all decisions in the match.
-Two assistant referees: also known as touch judges, these are the two referees we see running alongside the players in a match, usually with a yellow checkered flag.
-The fourth referee, also known as the referee, is responsible for the management of the match and the substitution of the team, and can take over if the referee or assistant referee is unable to continue.

The World Cup is a sensation before it even starts! First ever female referee in the Kada World Cup

This year’s Cada World Cup is really special as it has always been an all-male tournament, but this is a break from the norm,
The list of referees at the Cada World Cup includes three female officiating referees and three female assistant referees for the first time at the World Cup, which is one of the highlights of the 2022 World Cup.

qatar world cup female referees

What are corner kicks, 12 yard penalties and free kicks?

Corners, 12-yard penalties, free-kicks and offside are some of the most common terms you’ll hear in football, but what does a corner kick mean? What are the rules and what is the almost 100% success rate on a 12-yard kick?

Corner kick: When a defender kicks the ball off the line in defence, or when the goalkeeper uses his hands to block a shot from the attacking team and the ball goes off the line, the attacking team is given a chance to take the ball from the corner.

Football Penalty 12: Also known as a penalty kick, the 12-yard penalty rule is a dead ball awarded to the attacking team after a foul in the penalty area,
The attacking team sends a player to take the shot, except for the goalkeeper, who has to stand outside the box, a bit like a one-on-one match,
It is also known as football’s capital punishment because it has always had the highest rate of goals scored from 12 yards and puts a lot of pressure on the goalkeeper.

Free kicks: Sometimes we see a game where players line up in front of the goal to form a wall of players to block the opponent from scoring.
A direct free kick means that the player kicks the ball and scores directly on goal.

PK Battle: 12 yards in football is more than just a penalty kick, and many people ask when a 12 yard penalty kick battle takes place in the World Cup,
Simply put, if there is a winner at the end of the match, or if there is no winner in an extended match, then the two sides will send five players to play a football match, and the defending side will only have the goalkeeper to keep the ball.

Offside: Offside is super complicated for the average person, so let’s keep it simple,
Offside means that the attacking player must not run more than the second man in front of the defending goalkeeper when carrying or passing the ball in attack.

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