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Any online casino worth your time is bound to have a slot machine or two, we have more. Slots are one of the world’s favourite games, from classic slots to ultra-modern games filled with bonus games, we have all your favourites.

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Accumulating jackpots is the pride of any online casino, and we’d like to present you with an exclusive selection of games. Every time you spin, the jackpot increases – will you spin the jackpot? Our progressive jackpots are given out daily.

Slot Games

OKBET JILI Slot Machine

JILI slot machine

JILI slot machine

OKBET JILI Slot machine are dedicated to creating the best and original games in pursuit of excellence and innovation, which are our core values.

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BNG slot machine

BNG slot machine

BNG slot machines are like their brand slogan We only make the best slot machines

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Play classic slot games at online casinos Every game is GLI certified to ensure player experience

Lucky fachai slot

Fa Chai slot

fachai slot

FA CHAI is a pioneer in driving the Asian market with gripping games

fachai slot

FA CHAI is a pioneer in driving the Asian market with gripping games




More than 100 original themed games, multiple rewards, high odds


Need to know all about slots? You’ve come to the right place! In OKBET, we will cover everything you need to know about slots – from odds to reels to wins, get the knowledge you need to spin like royalty.

Slot machines are by far the most popular casino game, having surpassed table games due to speed, ease, and accessibility. This is because slots are plentiful and can be found in ‘prime seating’ locations by casino entrances, making them not only cheaper and easy to play, but also highly accessible.

At OKBET Slots, we put the reels and riches of great rulers in the palm of your hand – at work, at home, on vacation, and anywhere you have a mobile device.

Slots are gaming machines that generate random combinations of symbols on a dial, where certain combinations result in wins. The odds of winning on a physical slot machine is around 1 in 49,836,032. The average return-to-player (RTP) rate is usually 92-97%, with online slots having better payout percentages than casino machines. Online casinos like ours have a paytable in every game, where you can read about payout rates, prizes, and bonus features for that slot. You can find the paytable for our slot games by clicking the “i” button inside that slot.

It’s widely known and accepted that Charles Fey is the father of modern slots, creating the Liberty Bell (or first “New Nickel operated machine”) in 1887 in San Francisco. Slots became an instant hit, and the inventor was able to open a production factory to manufacture slots. These machines do not differ much from modern ones, with similar reels and symbols.

POPULARITY of slot machines

So why are slots so popular? For starters, they are easy to play! Just insert or set your bet and push the button or pull the lever, depending on machine design. This ease also factors into the time in which it takes to play. It is possible to place over 500 bets an hour on a slot machine, and even more when there are not many bonus activities.

Minimum bet requirements for slots also add to their attraction. You can play a short quick round with the chance at a jackpot or huge prize for a lower fee than table games. Casinos make their games attractive with sounds, art, lights, and the exciting surrounding casino floor environment. Online, slots are made with the same environment in mind, with the option to adjust settings as preferred. Slot designers build machines with player activity in mind, aiming for an engaging, stimulating, and overall fun experience where players feel a part of the action.

OKBET offers an extremely  high-quality of slot games

When it comes to slots, you’re sure to want to have some fun. You can find plenty of fun and excitement with our large selection of trustworthy games. If you’re looking to have some fun playing slots, check out what OKBET has to offer you! All of these slot brands in OKBET‘s collection have a great reputation, so you can be sure that your money is completely safe by playing with them.

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JDB, especially capable of Slot and Fishing games, is the first content provider that has developed 5 major types of online gaming, including “Slot, Fishing, Arcade, Card, and Lottery”.

WM has created over 150 slots since the inception in 2003, which doesn’t sound like much, but since their focus is on quality instead of quantity, we get to play games that look great and have an abundance of features. Based on Flash technology, the collection includes both web and mobile slots which have been created using the same engine, to ensure matching quality across all supported platforms and operating systems. This is especially convenient for those of you who are interested in WM progressive jackpots, as all versions contribute to the increasing payouts.


CQ9 provides online gaming services for casinos and players. In order to provide a better user experience, they track the entire operation. From the framework of the game to the bonus features and RTP (Return to Player), everything is monitored and laid out transparently for the customer. CQ9 provides a quality service with high standards of game quality, security, product integrity and spend.

How to Play Online Slot Machines

Slot machine are the easiest game you can play in a modern online casino. That’s because slot machine are completely random: none of your game decisions affect your chances of winning. But what matters is where you play, which game you choose, and when you stop. If you’re completely unfamiliar with online casinos, and slot machine in particular, here’s how you can get started playing online slot machine.

Learn how slot machine work:
Despite the seeming variety, the general rules of every slot are the same. Almost every slot has reels, symbols, and paylines. Advanced video slot machine also have special symbols, like wilds and scatters, that enhance your gameplay, activate special features like bonus rounds and free spins, and grant extra winnings. Here’s a short glossary:


A vertical line where symbols are located. Usually there are 3-5 reels in a slot, and each reel fits 3-5 symbols.

Slot machine 1


Basically, any image that is used to create a winning combination along the payline.

Slot machine 2


a virtual line that goes across the reels, usually from left to right. A win occurs when you get a certain number of matching symbols on an active payline as indicated in the game’s help screen.

Slot machine 3

Wild symbol

a so-called Joker in slots that substitutes other symbols to create a winning combination. For example, if you get three Cherry symbols and a Wild on an active payline, it counts as four Cherries.

Slot machine 4

Scatter symbol

a special symbol in advanced slots. The special thing about it is that it doesn’t have to appear on an active payline to trigger a win. It may be “scattered” across the reels. In most cases it also activates some kind of bonus round.

Slot machine 5

Bonus round

A mini-round within a slot game that grants extra winnings. It may be a simple “pick one of the three chests” game, where your pick determines the win amount, a complex multilevel videogame-like experience with shooting aliens, or anything in-between.

Slot machine 6

Free spins

another form of a bonus, where you get a number of spins that don’t reduce your balance. It sometimes comes with additional features like extra Wild symbols, win multipliers, etc.

Slot machine 7

The Different Types of Online Slots

Slots are by far the most popular option for most casino players. From the moment they had first appeared, slots managed to capture the imagination of land-based gambling venues and their popularity only grew with the rise of online gambling.

Simple to play and requiring no knowledge or strategy and yet promising big potential rewards, slots attract inexperienced players and casino veterans alike. All you need to win is a bit of luck by your side.

To start with, slots were very simple and straightforward games with one or a few paylines and a small selection of symbols. However, as things moved on, game creators have come up with more and more ideas on how to make slots better and more exciting.

The result of this development is that today we have many different types of slots. All of them come with their own appeal and attract different types of players. Some enjoy the simplicity of classic slots, others prefer games with many ways to win, while others yet only care about big jackpots up for grabs and not much else.

Classic slots

This means they usually have only three reels and a few paylines, without many special bonus features. To win at classic slots, you’ll simply want to line up three of the same symbol on a payline.

In terms of symbols, these games usually feature graphics such as cherries, oranges, lemons, watermelons, bells, 7s, etc. Because so many symbols in these games are actually fruits, classic slots are often called fruit machines or fruities.

With some of these classic slots, you’ll encounter some very simple bonus features and free spins as well but this is more of an exception than a rule. Simplicity is the main characteristic of these games and players prefer to keep it that way.

Multi Payline Slots

multi-line slots featured just 9 paylines but developers kept pushing for more, initially adding just one extra line to bring the number to 10, then 15, 20, 25, 50, to eventually create games with as many as 100 lines. It goes without saying that some of these “lines” had weird shapes and were hard to track, but players were generally happy to have more opportunities to win on every spin.

Depending on the slot, you can sometime select the number of paylines you want to play, while sometime it is fixed. Thus, multi payline slots provide much more flexibility and give players much more control over how they want to play and spend their gambling money.

Ways-to-win Slots

Although slots with multiple paylines were a big step forward in comparison to classic games, players’ expectations continued to grow over time. Since it was virtually impossible to come up with more than 100 paylines on a standard 3×5 grid, developers came up with a completely new idea of ways-to-win.

Instead of having to line symbols up in a particular way, these games only require symbols to be on adjacent reels from left to right on any position. This provided new opportunities and allowed for the creation of slots with 243 ways to win.

When they first launched, these games were a huge hit as they changed the entire paradigm. All of a sudden, games could offer much bigger wins, especially when combined with various boosts and multipliers.

Then, to make things even more interesting, game providers started producing games with extra lines and reels, expanding the number of win-ways. Eventually, technology has made it possible to create games with a variable number of symbols on each reel, making it possible to create games with hundreds of thousands and even millions of win-ways.

Progressive Jackpot Slots

In the world of slots, progressive jackpot slot machines have a very special place. While most modern slots have a potential to produce pretty big wins in comparison to the stake per spin, only jackpot games are capable of paying out truly life-changing money. Odds of this happening are, of course, slim, but that doesn’t prevent players from trying their luck, especially when jackpots are high.

These days, there are many networked jackpot slots that share their progressive prizes with dozens or even hundreds of online casinos. So, with some of the most popular titles, it isn’t uncommon to see the jackpot reach seven or eight-figure amounts.

Different slots have different rules when it comes to winning the main progressive prize. Sometimes, you’ll be required to play the maximum stake to have a shot. Sometimes, however, everyone has a shot at winning millions, even if you were to play just $0.10 per spin. So, in theory, you could just deposit $10 and play a few spins and, with a lot of luck, could become a millionaire.

When you think about this, it is hardly a surprise that players flock to these machines. And the best part about it is – the more players decide to play, the bigger the jackpot gets, so it’s like a big snowball that just keeps on rolling until someone finally strikes gold.

Bonus Slots (Video Slots)

So far in the text, we focused on types of slots based on the number of paylines and ways to win. However, there are some other important distinctions between different slot games. Bonus slots, often also simply categorized as video slots, make up a large group of games that offer special features as a part of the gameplay.

A majority of modern slots are bonus slots to some extent as all of them feature at least free spins that players can win by landing scatters or special bonus symbols. Some, however, go a step further and offer additional mini-games.

Slots with bonus features are particularly popular with the players because they give you something to aim for. Often, you’ll want to play a particular slot until you manage to unlock the bonus because these games are usually capable of producing their biggest wins during the bonus.

If you are all about the gaming experience and enjoying your time playing then 3D slots are probably your cup of tea. Thanks to modern technologies, developers are able to create games that go beyond just flat reels on the screen and actually use 3D models to create a more immersive and enjoyable atmosphere.

These slots feature a variety of different themes and in-game mechanics, so you’ll be able to find a game you like. Often, they’re based on popular movies or TV shows, so many players are attracted by the familiarity of the title and enjoy the fact these slots feature short cut-scenes from the movies they love.

Thanks to modern technologies, 3D slots are available on desktop computers and mobile devices alike these days. With mobile phones being what they are these days, there are no obstacles to players enjoying the full gaming experience on the palm of their hand!

Online Slot Games-FAQ

Both online and land-based casinos operate slot machines that depend on a random number generator, or RNG, to ensure randomness. An RNG is a computer program that does nothing but spit out a steady stream of random numbers within a given range. Each of those random numbers is connected to a game symbol. The RNG’s random number selection leads to the collection of symbols you see on the screen. If enough of those symbols appear in the right combination, you win a prize.

Slot machines are tested to ensure randomness. Gaming regulatory bodies inspect machines on a regular basis. In short, if you’re playing at a legitimate casino, online or land-based, you’re not going to find a non-random slot machine. Understand that casinos make the most money on truly random games, ones that can’t be manipulated through player skill. Slots are designed to pay out less money than they take in – they don’t have to be rigged to be profitable.

There’s a question hiding behind this question – most people who ask this want to know if casino operators can change a machine’s payout while it is being played. The implication is that once a machine pays out a decent jackpot, the casino’s operator will flip a switch and the machine will “go cold” and stop winning. The answer here is simple – no, casinos don’t alter the way a machine behaves based on its recent performance.

Some slot machines are designed so that casino operators can alter their theoretical payout percentage, but it doesn’t work anything like what you think. Before a game’s payout percentage is tweaked, the game has to be turned off, a mechanic has to mess around on the inside of the game, and then it has to be turned back on. Casinos aren’t changing machine payouts on the fly, or in a sneaky way.

The answer depends on what exactly you’re asking.

If you’re asking “Is there anything that I need to do in order to win a jackpot?” then the answer is yes. You have to bet max. We have yet to find a slot machine, online or at a brick and mortar casino, that will pay a jackpot without a maximum bet. You have to place a “max bet” in order to qualify for any slot’s jackpot payouts. That usually means wagering a credit on the maximum number of pay lines, though some machines also require a specific bet size in order to place a maximum wager. The only “secret” to winning a slot machine jackpot is to make sure and make yourself eligible for it, by placing a maximum-sized bet on each spin.

If your question is: “Is there anything I can do or a way I can behave in order to be more likely to win jackpots?” the answer is no. No amount of bet-sizing, no electronic gadgets, no special consideration at all will make it more or less likely that you win a big payout from a slot machine.

The answer here is: “it depends.” One of the beautiful things about slot machines is that they’re endlessly-adaptable. Casinos have long offered slots that accept a range of wagers. The venerable “penny slot” is still very much alive and well. Meanwhile, at the other extreme, you can still find slot machines in some casino VIP department. We’ve heard of games that cost in the thousands of dollars per spin.

Let’s look at a real-world example of how much a slot machine costs to play. Imagine you’re playing on a machine at $0.25 per spin. You’ve looked up the game, and found that it has a theoretical payback percentage of 98%. If you’re moving at a gentle pace of 300 spins per hour, you’re spending $75 per hour on the game. Based on that 98% payback percentage, you stand to get back $67.65 per hour in wins. You should expect to lose about $7.65 for every hour of play.

The largest slot machine jackpot in history was worth $39.7 million. This prize was claimed in (where else?) Las Vegas, off a $100 bet on a Megabucks machine. The gentleman who claimed the prize said it was the only slot machine he played that session, having stuck the bill in the slot as a lark.

Does every slot machine promise payouts like this? No way. Lots of inexpensive slot machines have top prizes in the thousands of credits. We’ve even seen some expensive slot machines (with a high per-spin cost) paying out prizes in the tens of thousands of credits. If you’re looking for a specific size or type of payout, you should study the machine’s pay table, figure out how to win it, then put yourself in position to win it with every spin.

Slot Machine Tips Guide

Slot machine is the easiest casino game to pick up, this is why it has a high popularity.