So many years at OKBET Live Baccarat

I have been playing in OKBET Online Casino Baccarat arena for 16 years, and I can’t imagine myself having the fortitude to do so, I am very happy in OKBET Online Casino Baccarat arena.


The spice of life, a little gambling like we are such middle-aged old men, in fact, there is no happiness, the family side of a mess of things simply do not want to care, especially the wife inside the family, simply is not any common topic of conversation well. Who wants their life to be like a pool of stagnant water without any vitality? It’s not scientific, but Casino Baccarat is at least a game that deserves our respect because it brings something different to our lives.


Casino Baccarat is an arena of passion, and there are always people who say that passion is for the young and not for us at all, but is that really the case? I’m in my fifties, I have nothing to do all day, I’m retired at home, my children can’t take care of me, they all have their own jobs, we’re all very busy, so do I have to go to the square to twist the rice rickshaw?

It’s not like that. Everyone wants to live a life full of different things, so that when you die, you can say, “I lived a happy life.” The actual fact is that you will be able to get a lot of money from a lot of people, or not as much as others, but I don’t regret it, at the very least, I was successful, in my own case, I think what I did was worth it, I’m not as noble as other people, I just hope I can be better when I live.


I started playing mahjong, slot machines and poker when I was very young, and when I was in my thirties, I started running to Macau to race horses.

I have experienced many types of betting, but my greatest reward is not the amount of money I have won, but the happiness I have gained in the process of playing in the casino! When I first started out, I didn’t just play for the sake of playing, I just wanted to enjoy the sense of achievement in Casino Baccarat and I was very happy when I won! If I lost money, I would feel very uncomfortable, which I believe is the same as the majority of gambling enthusiasts, so if this is the case, why do I look down on winning and losing money?

I used to think that winning was winning, but as I got older I realised that I had thought wrong. My favourite thing now is internet betting and I like to post my experience on all the forums, I feel very accomplished!

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