What will happen to the online casino industry in 2022?

Online gaming continues to evolve and take advantage of new technologies to provide a better experience for players. The 21st century continues to serve innovation, pushing the industry forward, and fresh ideas are expected to continue to take root in 2022 following the trends that are expected to arrive or continue in the online entertainment niche in 2022.


More Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is an important component of today’s gaming industry, and this reliance is expected to grow in 2022. The technology is already being used for customer service on most sites. Chatbots enable natural, human-like interactions and provide quick solutions to problems.

These robots also act as dealers for online blackjack, roulette, poker, baccarat and other games. This type of artificial intelligence is better suited to casinos as they reduce labour costs while better serving customers.

The Internet of Things (IoT) and the Internet of Behaviour (IoB) also demonstrate the value of AI to the online gambling industry. The Internet of Things is an interconnected network through which data is collected and exchanged. The system can use data in an unlimited number of formats and allows gaming companies to track players’ habits to better serve them.

The system works without human or computer interaction; the IoB then converts the data into valuable information and responds to the interests, preferences and behaviours of gamblers.

Casino operators and game developers use these results to create and market their games and other services, and Big Time Gaming, a software developer, has partnered with Future Anthem’s Anthemetrics to use the system.

Increasing blockchain gambling rates

Blockchain technology is an emerging technology that has revolutionised the internet industry with its seamless integration. Cryptocurrencies running on this technology continue to change consumer habits, and gambling niches are adapting to these changes.

Digital currencies allow casinos and consumers to explore intense gambling experiences that would otherwise be limited in a centralised system. Online casinos are the perfect partner for blockchain, and their interdependence is set to grow in 2022. Today, it offers users the following advantages.

Data transparency – any blockchain participant can track transfers to a linked public address on the system, a convenient feature for confirming the legitimacy of transactions.
Anonymity – personal information is encrypted in countless layers to ensure its security. Players have exclusive access to sensitive data such as names, deposit amounts and wallet keys. Although transactions can be tracked using a public address, the system restricts information such as account owners or deposit amounts. Trackers cannot use it for transactions either.
Decentralised – Blockchain is independent of any institution or government and is regulated like any other monetary system.
Hacker Resistant – No one can access a BTC wallet without a key. Wallets can even be taken offline, making it more difficult for unauthorised parties to access them.
Low transaction fees – Eliminating third parties such as banks can save cryptocurrency users a lot. Transactions on the blockchain usually require a small number of transactions. The amount paid may vary, with more generous people enjoying higher priority. This is different from a normal transaction where a standard fee is charged according to the authorities.
Upgrading the game
Trends in casino gaming technology will also change in the coming year. Software developers are constantly innovating their settings to offer players more ways to entertain themselves. Some of the trends from 2021 are expected to continue in 2022, such as upgrading the visual quality to match the 8K screen resolution currently available on mobile phones, PCs and other gadgets used for gaming.

Megaways mechanics will also continue to sweep the slots. The engine has allowed Games Workshop to reinvent classics such as Curiosity, Piggy’s Fortune, Doghouse, Fishin’ Frenzy and Great Rhino over the past two years.

Safe Gaming

The ubiquitous nature of online casinos is an important selling point, but it is also a cause for concern due to security issues. Without proper measures in place, sensitive information can end up in the wrong hands, such as fraudsters and scammers.

SSL encryption is the most common form of security used on these sites. The system uses a digital passport to authenticate any network communication to maintain confidentiality. The encryption key provided is the only way to obtain an SSL certificate and access information.

More Live Dealer Gambling
The popularity of live gambling has increased significantly during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 and it remains the solution for areas that are still affected. The niche market share has grown by over 13% since 2020 and will continue to do so in the future.

Live casinos are the closest replica of real gambling for gamblers who do not want to sacrifice the comfort of their location. These casinos are live from a physical venue with live dealers, tables, cards and other elements found in location-based gambling clubs.

Socially responsible practices

The rise of online gaming has been accompanied by an increase in mental health issues among the population. Gambling companies are constantly improving their responsible gambling practices to ensure that problems do not develop into coercive behaviour. New standards will be developed in 2022 to limit underage gambling and irresponsible spending.


In short...

The online gaming niche has come a long way in the last two decades and is evolving every day. 2022 is likely to offer many interesting new ways to explore the pastime on mobile and PC devices.

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